About us

Why we did it !

Why ?

Easier communication with your team

In all company I've been working on, there was always a point that made me bug. Why is it so complicated to organize a drink, to gather people to go the restaurant or more how can I know if someone is late

All those plans are organized by emails, but as in many companies, you receive tons of emails on a daily basis. IMPOSSIBLE to handle more !

How can you keep track of the 10 emails concerning the lunch break ? Do you have time to start a spreadsheet to list all the groceries needed for everyone ? Do you pass by every desk to ensure your take away list is correct ?

Worfe was born ! The idea is not to let your boss know when you are late or if you drank 10 beers the day before. The purpose is only to try to create a better communication within your team

Nobody is charged

Why would you pay for it ?

The idea behind the app it that your company handles the fee

Not because your company deserves it but because you spend more time at work than at home. And there is no reason to forget that you can also have a great time at work.

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