Work & Life finally


A better working life

Imagine an app which centralizes your team activities at work.

Organize your shopping more easily during lunch time, your takeways, your team drinks, your carsharings and much more...

The best way to increase your
team spirit


Create & organize your
groups depending on your

When you create a group, you can easily invite your coworkers to join it. You can also create other groups to bring people you are more likely to have interactions with

Work is also a part of your life !

Create your Worfe event and share it with your team.

  • Delayed ? Warn in real time your colleagues that you will be delayed and your expected time of arrival

  • Shopping Create and share a shopping list for lunch time with your group

  • Restaurant Job succesfully done ? It’s restaurant time !

  • Take Away You're always busy but you're starving.
    Share a Takeaway list

  • Drink Let's call it a day !
    Take a drink with your teammates

  • Chat Important message for your team.
    Chat with your group

  • Carsharing Same time, same place.
    Use one car and organize your journey

  • Dashboard See all the activities of your group and add a quick late or a quick chat

Don’t miss anything and stay tuned

Be notified in Real Time !

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Choose your plan

For a flexible plan, feel free to contact us

Free plan

  • Up to 1 group(s) of 3 users max/group
  • 1 group(s)
  • 3 users max
  • Unlimited features

Small plan

Most Popular
  • Up to 2 group(s) of 10 users max/group
  • 2 group(s)
  • 10 users max
  • Unlimited features

Medium plan

  • Up to 2 group(s) of 25 users max/group
  • 2 group(s)
  • 25 users max
  • Unlimited features

Premium plan

  • Up to 2 group(s) of 40 users max/group
  • 2 group(s)
  • 40 users max
  • Unlimited features